S.H. Day 11: Nuts & Bolts

I am back after a brief hiatus, having been interrupted by life and a few episodes of “The Orville” and Season 2 of “Stranger Things”!  Today is the beginning of Week 3, and “Lift Off” or moving the plans into action.  No surprise I put this off, if not intentionally.


This is about gathering what you will need to make your side hustle work.  Actually, I had started doing this several months before starting this process.  I was researching patterns, and saving them on Pinterest, acquiring cute fabrics on sale, I’ve started getting some vintage purses and vintage patterns, I’ve collected some books with gorgeous art prints or advertising to re-sell, and I’ve found some nice re-paintable pieces of furniture at auctions for pretty cheap.  I have the beginnings of a website (this one – I intend to morph this into a site where people can also buy my products).  I have registered my company with the state of Ohio and filed for a business license, although I have not gotten word back about that yet, so I have to follow-up on that!

In terms of financial stuff, I still need to set up a separate checking account for the business, and decide which credit card will be associated with it (one of my airline miles cards).  I do have quickbooks for accounting, and inventory tracking, which I began to teach myself how to use today.  I don’t need to worry about contractual agreements at this point, since I am not offering services.  I also am getting Josh’s room ready to be used as a workspace for the business.  I also have a logo – designed by Design Crowd, a crowd sourcing design site.  I received over 100 designs, and picked the one you see on the header from a designer in Australia.

Tomorrow, we talk about pricing!

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