S.H. Day 9: The Pitch


I am a few days behind in my posts.  Somehow, this one tripped me up a bit.  I’ve never viewed myself as a salesperson, but if there is something that I love that someone else has created, I have no problem advocating for it.  The exercise for day 9 is to write down your idea, your promise, your pitch, and a call to action. So here we go.

The idea is that at A•Pri•Pos, people can find just the right gift the the people they love.

The promise is that my products are high quality, affordable, unique, and can be customized for the special person in their lives.

The pitch is:  Handmade and Vintage purses, pouches and accessories, and select vintage prints and unique advertising to match the special interests of the people in your life.

The call to action is:  All items are one of a kind, so if you see something you like, don’t hesitate, as it could be gone tomorrow.

I am so uncomfortable doing that.  I have a view that all marketing is a form of manipulation, and I don’t want to manipulate people to shop for the things I make.  However, I do think that people will want to buy from my shop, and that I will learn what people like best over time.

Now to write a pithy offer:

“Trying to find that unique gift for the special someone in your life?  A•Pri•Pos has one of a kind, vintage and hand made accessories and bags, in designs for everyone’s style.  What was your uncle’s favorite ride, or job?  We also sell vintage advertising and prints for a variety of interests. All items are one of kind, so buy it now before it’s gone.”

I may need to come back to this, and also run it by a few people I trust for input!  If anyone is reading this, feel free to leave comments for me.  Thanks!

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