S.H. Day 6: Side Hustle Selector

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This may be a short post, as it is close to my bedtime and I have to get up early to vote tomorrow!  This chapter takes us one step closer to choosing the best idea to pursue with gusto!  To do this, we make a sort of scorecard that includes two additional factors beyond the original 3 of Feasibility, Profitability, and Persuasion.  Those two are:  Efficiency (how quickly can I execute the idea) and Motivation (how excited am I).

Doing a bit more research today, I came across another interesting twist.  Recall that in the last chapter, I concluded that my profit might be higher on resale items (simply due to less labor cost).  Today, I found a site where the person sells BOTH vintage sewing patterns and clothing made from some of those patterns.   I already have acquired some vintage purses, so perhaps one angle I could build on is to make vintage purse designs with modern fabrics.  And I also already have a good collection of vintage prints and magazines, so this could also contribute to my sales.  I used to have a box full of Vogue Magazines from the 20’s (bought 30 years ago – waiting for just this day of course!) which would be perfect for this endeavor, but I fear that I may have taken them to Goodwill years ago.  Worth a look this weekend however!

This idea is really starting to take shape.  I have high passion for this, it is really feasible, and we discussed the first three criteria a few days ago.  My bed is calling, so I will end here for tonight.  Excited for tomorrow’s challenge!


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