My Side Hustle Journey Begins

Sunrise Over Gooch's Beach, Kennebunkport, ME
Sunrise Over Gooch’s Beach, Kennebunkport, ME  Easter 2009.                                                                        photo credit: Carolyn B. Broad

I have had in the back of my mind for the past 5 years or so, the idea of starting a small business where I could sell handmade or other unique items, online, e.g. places like Etsy, and/or at craft fairs which seem to be popping up all over the place as small independent crafts people look for a marketplace for their work.  I have a theory that the Internet takes us back in a way to our pre-industrial roots, where we relied on the work of our hands for our livelihood, or at least a supplement to the wages which, for many people working one full time job, are simply not enough to support themselves or a family these days. The neighbor who enjoys the fruit of our labor however,  may sit half way around the world.  I have bought items on Etsy from craftswomen in the Ukraine, Italy and Ireland, and different states in the US.  It is a joy to receive packages with stamps from foreign countries, and imagine the women, small business owners, who made them.

I have always enjoyed the thrill of the hunt, or the serendipitous stumble, upon JUST the perfect small gift for a friend with a particular passion or interest.  I was visiting my son in New Orleans this past Spring, and spied an old map of the area where we live in Cincinnati from the 1950’s.  His girlfriend had found it on Etsy, in the shop of a man who sells unique prints.  This got me thinking about trying to do something similar, and as I thought about what other sorts of items I find appealing to either give or receive as gifts, I thought about little pouches, purses, boxes, and handmade knit or crocheted items.  Thus the name “A•Pri•Pos” came to be.  A for Accessories, Pri for Prints, and Pos for Pouches, and Purses.   And the overall name being a homonym for “Apropos: being both relevant and opportune” – Miriam-Webster Online.

I have also been listening to a number of Podcasts recently, and one that my sister introduced me to is “The Art of Charm” and I heard an interview with Chris Guillebeau, the author of a book called Side Hustle, which I have started to read.  In it, he lays out a 30 day plan for starting a small business while still keeping your day job.  My intent is to start that process tomorrow, and write about it here through out the month of November (some people don’t shave, some people write books….this is my November project!)

As you can see, I am starting with a very basic, bare bones WordPress site.  I hope to work on adding more content here over the month as well!  I hope you will come along for the journey with me!

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